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Window 10 CompatibleHomeWiki - Home Knowledge Base. HomeWiki - Program for conducting home, or any other personal Knowledge Base. Create, store, update, keep up to date relevant information. Use different editors for entering information: RichText SpreadSheet MarkDown Code PlainText Web Html tinyMCE SummerNote CKEditor SCEditor Support most popular document formats connection of third-party editors storing data in the form of catalogs (directory) quick creation of visual and moving directories rapid creation of documents using various combinations of the editors fast moving visual editors within a document All created documents are stored in the form of Html files storage combinations used by editors with all the editable data in them a built-in web browser to display the results ScreenShot ability to make the entire screen or a given region adding in a PDF document database (only reading) storing each document in a single Web page (*.html file) It makes it easy to share information copying (ctrl+c) and paste (ctrl+v) information from the Web sites in your documents, built-in tool can be used in the case of the copy prohibition ScreenShot the ability to embed images into the document or use the links to the image the ability to store personal database on any cloud data store ( Dropbox, microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, Yandex.Disk ) with further access to the database from any mobile device the ability to install tags for protection of documents and deletion of directories (directory), `symbol at the end of a filename or directory prohibits their removal from the program Use additional editor (SimpleEditor) to quickly view and edit the raw data used for any editor or WebBrowser Data highlighting for several programming languages the editor CodeEditor easy creation of a tree structure as a directory database, renaming and moving sort by name or date of creation of documents

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